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    (Português) TODAS AS NOTÍCIAS 2019

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    03 Veterinary homeopathy prevents ticks in cattle at the water station
    23 Arenales confirmed presence on Rural Show
    30 Learn how to dodge pets’ problems in the heat
    13 Arenales Defines Recycling Project Schedule
    19 Arenales launches the Recycling Campaign
    27 See some tips to enjoy the carnival with the pets
    28 Lecture for veterinarians will be held in Campo Grande
    08 Women’s Day is celebrated on the Council of Veterinary Medicine
    08 Arenales celebrates Women’s Day with activities
    13 Agrotec begins with Arenaless presence
    20 Veterinary homeopathy in the prevention of ticks in cattle
    20 Learn how to manage stress in dogs and cats
    28 Arenales for the 4th time in a row is featured in water reuse
    01 Arenales participates in Fair in Arabutã (SC)
    04 Arenales follows participation in the Superpet in Campinas
    09 Tecnoshow goes until April 12 with the presence of Arenales
    10 Arenales supports course in Santos
    11 Expoagro in Paraná has started
    17 Arenales offers learning about safety at work
    03 Celebrations in reference to Labor Day are made in the Arenales
    03 Lecture on veterinary homeopathy in birds is made in Bastos
    10 Arenales participates in a commemorative event
    10 Veterinary homeopathy treats pet with gallstones
    21 Action on veterinary homeopathy is carried out in São Paulo
    21 Lecture with the theme of veterinary homeopathy is made in Paraná
    21 Kidney problem in elderly cat is controlled with veterinary homeopathy
    28 (Português) Vídeo mostra homeopatia veterinária na prevenção de carrapatos
    30 (Português) Vídeo: Previna mastite com homeopatia veterinária
    30 (Português) Vídeo: Homeopatia veterinária no controle e prevenção de verminoses em ovinos
    06 Natural products fair starts in SP
    06 Arenales receives Environmental Merit certification
    10 Representatives of Fiesp / Ciesp visit the headquarters of Arenales
    19 ACA celebrates June party in Arenales
    27 Veterinary homeopathy controls joint pain in pets
    27 Cold weather causes more infections in cattle
    22 Arenales is present at Bastos Technical Day
    22 Training on veterinary homeopathy is done in Machado-MG
    02 Sesi conducts activity with Arenales employees
    05 Faive 2019 starts with Arenales space
    09 Arenales is already preparing to attend Pet South America
    12 Expointer will have space dedicated to Veterinary Homeopathy
    19 Guidelines on veterinary homeopathy are given in Ipumirim
    21 Visit Arenales booth at Pet South America 2019
    30 Arenales continues participating in Expointer
    02 Arenales Offers Veterinary Homeopathy in Dog Mania
    06 Video shows the action of veterinary homeopathy on fly control
    10 Arenales attended the 50th anniversary celebration of CRMV-SP
    11 Arenales receives visit of ParaPanamerican Games runner-up athlete
    24 Arenales participates in Fazenda Sant’anna auction in Rancharia – SP
    25 Arenales is Regional Champion in sand volleyball in Araçatuba
    01 Arenales contributor is Sesi Games fishing champion
    01 Pet Fair begins with Arenales presence
    04 Veterinary Homeopathy in Flea Control in Pets
    09 Arenales employees participate in Children’s Day recreation
    21 Arenales conducts October Rose activities
    29 Arenales participates in aquarium-related course in SP
    31 Arenales gives talk at Veterinary Homeopathy Meeting
    11 Arenales participates in the Band Pet Show
    12 Arenales will be present at Mirantec