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    (Português) TODAS AS NOTÍCIAS 2020

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    02 Arenales veterinary doctor gives interview
    02 Veterinary homeopathy prevents ticks in hot and humid weather
    09 With veterinary homeopathy rains can control mastitis
    30 Arenales participates in TV chat about veterinary homeopathy
    03 Arenales warns employees about Coronavirus
    20 Tecnoeste in Concórdia has Arenales stand
    09 Women’s Day is celebrated with employees
    19 After all, can animals contract or transmit the new coronavirus?
    04 Depression in Elderly Dogs: Prevention and Treatment
    04 Release: Factor Femini – Psychological pregnancy in pets
    19 Arenales continues with security measures against Coronavirus
    26 Veterinary homeopathy prevents respiratory disease in cattle
    04 Importance of veterinary homeopathy in the fight against flies
    09 Homeopathy optimizes fattening with rising beef exports
    22 Arenales makes awareness campaign in Red June
    01 During labor gymnastics employees receive different activity