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    • Tribute Rotary Club “Rose of the Winds” Dr. Maria do Carmo.

      Homenageada pelo Rotary - Maria do Carmos Arenales

      Dr. Maria do Carmo getting Homage Rotary President

      In last Tuesday (24/06) the Rotary Club of Presidente Prudente “Rose of the Winds”, paid tribute to Dr. Maria do Carmo Arenales the title of honorary membership. The award ceremony was held at the hotel Portal D’Oeste, where he also was the festive closing of the work of Rotary 2013/2014 management, ownership of the board of management 2014/2015 and also the celebration of the eighth anniversary of the club.

      Only by women, the Rotary Club “Rose of the Winds” at each change of management, honors society women that stand out for their activities, their struggles for mutual development as well as innovative ideas. At the time the chosen to receive an honorary associate, were invite to honor, Professor Renata Junqueira de Souza and the director of Arenales Homeopatianimal Dr. Maria do Carmo Arenales.

      In gratitude, in his speech gave rise Maria do Carmo about his tireless struggle to disseminate more homeopathy in the country as a sustainable and effective solution in the Brazilian livestock and domestic pets. Arenales also talked about the rules 13 MAP statement (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) that prohibit the use of avermectins.

      “Today we have seen in placement in the press, that the MAP through the normative instruction 13 banned the use of avermectins. This led to ranchers believe is no option for treatment. What is not true because it is the work I do, developing solutions in the field that do not harm the environment, animal and we consume meat, eggs and milk. ”

      Still, Maria do Carmo says that the excessive use of avermectin could back up the quality of Brazilian meat.

      “I remember about 20 years ago, I was invited to do some lectures at UNESP, SEBRAE, among others, where the halls filled with ranchers, I say, that the use of avermectin would endorse in the flesh. Finally, the normative instruction is there. And I say, there is a solution without the use of it, as is the work of my life. All this dedication is for people to consume more healthy foods, both plant and animal origin, and pets are treated without excessive use of harmful drugs to your body, “concludes the director of the Arenales.

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