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    • Tecnoshow goes until April 12 with the presence of Arenales

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 09/04/2019

      The Tecnoshow 2019 is being held at the Technological Center Comigo (CTC), located in the Ring Road Paulo Campos, km 7, in Rio Verde – GO, with the presence of the distributor of Arenales Homeopatianimal in the region, Rural Machines.

      The company has a booth at the event to meet clients and partners who want or already treat animals with veterinary homeopathy.

      About Tecnoshow – Currently, the Fair area has more than 130 hectares for agricultural experiments, the main objective of Cooperativa when acquiring said area. Comigo has been directly involved in research in the region since 1984, when it initially signed an agreement with Emgopa, later Rio Verde University (UniRV), Embrapa and other institutions.

      The Cooperativa was responsible for the creation and implementation of the Real Income Program (1997 to 1999), within the National Agriculture Forum (FNA), where the president of COMIGO, Antonio Chavaglia, was the coordinator of the Working Group on Corn, Soy and Sorghum, at national level.

      Real Income brought together entities from the region and some companies (COMIGO, APG, Banco do Brasil, Rural Union, Faeg, Emater-GO, Ceagro, Friends of the Earth Club, prefectures of Rio Verde and Montividiu, Senar-GO) experimental, with highlight to the Perdas na Harheita contest. Three annual meetings were held for the demonstration of experiments at the Rio Verdinho farm, by cooperative Bruno Abreu Leão, in Rio Verde.

      As soon as the Real Income ended its cycle, the cooperative asked COMIGO to invest in its own area, exclusively to conduct research work for the field. This would avoid wasting time and money on testing the cooperative farms. The Cooperative thus acquired the CTC area. It was inaugurated in 2002 at the COMIGO (three-day) Technology Meeting, an event that was repeated in 2003, using about 50 hectares of the CTC.

      At the same time, Cooperativa started to carry out experiments in partnership with other entities (mainly Fesurv and Embrapa) in the rest of the area. In August of each year it showed the results of these works to the rural producers, in a great Workshop.

      In the four years that followed, Comigo would enter into a partnership with the Agrishow System, in Ribeirão Preto, to hold the fair under the name Agrishow Comigo. From 2008, alone, she started to organize the event, ending the contract with Agrishow.

      Today, already known throughout the country, Tecnoshow Comigo (current name) is solidified. Reference in fairs of the genre in Brazil, it enjoys great prestige, attracting the attention of exhibitors and visitors, including from other countries.

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