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    • Is your pet scared of lightning and thunder? Then read this text

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 04/01/2018

      shutterstock_54861586Brazil around the world, is the country where most rays fall. On average, there are 50 million per year, according to the Atmospheric Electricity Group, linked to INPE, National Institute for Space Research. And the explanation for this is geographic. Brazil is the largest country in the tropical zone of the planet – central area where the climate is warmer and therefore more favorable to the formation of storms and lightning.

      And at this time of year the incidence of lightning and thunder is increasing all over the country, because of the heavy rains typical of January, the pets suffer being scared and trapped. Some even develop such a peak of stress that they begin to have behavioral problems.

      If your pet during the storms suffers from bouts of anxiety and fear, veterinary homeopathy may be the way for it to stay calm and not develop behavioral difficulties. With the Homeopathic Factor that can easily be applied to the water or feed of dogs and cats, by having a presentation on blood cells and being extremely palatable, the level of cortisol is reduced, causing a calm so that the pets face the storms in a good one.

      According to the veterinarian, Simone Nascimento, of the commercial technical department of Arenales Homeopatianimal, without the use of medication to control the stress of the animals, opportunistic diseases can arise. “When pets become stressed, they become more susceptible to diseases like viruses, bacteria, fungi, ectoparasites and allergies.”

      According to her, veterinary homeopathy acts on the body of the treated pet by restoring energy and calming it naturally. “One of the advantages of homeopathy is that it does not pose a risk of intoxication. Another difference is that the body does not get accustomed to the medication and can be used continuously.”

      Pets that use homeopathy, do not suffer outbreaks of fear, and are better adapted to face adversities with the strong lightning of the rays and the loud noises caused by thunder.

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