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    • Sesi conducts activity with Arenales employees

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 02/08/2019

      On June 26, the employees of Arenales Homeopatia Animal, Presidente Prudente’s company, were able to experience a different occupational gymnastics class conducted by Professor Aline Morais, in partnership with nutritionist Eva Correia.

      The morning began with a walk to the square where is the Academy of the Third Age (ATI). There, a circuit was held, in which the students, divided in pairs, passed through all the devices of the place. Following this, a ball recreation activity was promoted in the square field. Finally, there was a picnic based on the nutritionist’s menu and a chat about the importance of a healthy breakfast.

      According to Ana Carolina Maschio Hernandes, the company’s receptionist, “the event was very enjoyable for two reasons: for encouraging the relationship between employees of different departments and for promoting outdoor activities, serving as an incentive to practice physical activity.”

      The main objective of such an action is to strengthen the pillars of well-being, which are part of the proposal of the SGE (SESI Gymnastics in the Company), covering nutrition, stress control, social relationship and physical activity.

      (Source: AI / Sesi)

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