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    • Veterinary homeopathy treats pet with gallstones

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 10/05/2019

      It is not only human beings who suffer from problems caused by gall stones. Pets also have complications and if untreated they can die because of this.

      The Dominique Schnauzer mini breed, just over 11 years old was diagnosed at the end of last year with the problem. For his tutor, Ademir Alves Silva, a recurrent diagnosis since the animal long ago had already suffered with the disease, including being submitted to surgery and yet again disrupted the life of the pet.

      “I remembered all the post-operative suffering that requires more care with it, aggressive antibiotics to the body, besides the expenses with medications and the surgery itself. So I talked to the veterinarian in order to treat the disease without the need for a It was then that he pointed me to veterinary homeopathy, “he explains.

      Ademir began treatment in Dominique with the Litovesical Factor manufactured by Arenales Homeopatianimal. “After three weeks of treatment, I started to notice results.” His mood improved and the stones began to be expelled, and he walked around the yard and saw that where Dominique had urinated, there were several stones.

      (The photos below show the results of using the Homeopathic Factor for the treatment and prevention of gallstones)

      About the Homeopathic Factor: Veterinary homeopathy also acts in pet cases that are having trouble urinating with the formation of stones, which are hard masses of minerals concentrated in the bladder causing pain and discomfort.

      Dogs and cats that have this difficulty have symptoms such as tenesmus (desire to urinate constantly, urinating in drops), oliguria, scarce urine, urinary incontinence, proteinuria, bloody urine with sediment and mucus.

      All these problems can be prevented and treated with the Litovesical Factor indicated to act in the pet of natural form eliminating the calculations and consequently the pains.

      In the case of the Dominique, surgery was not necessary and with the continuous use of the medicine, the stones continue to be expelled, but without causing any pain or annoyance perceptible to Ademir. “I was surprised by the result of the drug and today I recommend it to everyone, because it is very good,” he emphasizes.

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