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    • Veterinary homeopathy treats hoof diseases in winter

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 13/07/2020

      Hull diseases are more common with the arrival of cold and humidity in different regions of the country. Cattle when they have some kind of problem, stop walking and automatically stop looking for food, causing weight loss and a drop in the amount of milk.

      Cattle need to receive adequate food supplementation during the winter, as they are more vulnerable to opportunistic diseases in this period and spend more energy to keep warm with low temperatures. Not to mention that the conversion of food into nutrients is usually less satisfactory with the cold.

      And the hull stays moist for prolonged periods, injuries can appear in the interdigital spaces, infections causing softening, thus weakening the hull. Often when the producer realizes the problem, the animal is already limping and weakened.

      Arenales Homeopatianimal develops the Hoof Factor, indicated for the treatment and prevention of pododermatitis, inflammation and ulcerations involving the nail (hoof) and soft tissues, interdigital dermatitis, bead erosion, hoof and nail cracks, and laminitis not only in cattle , but also in horses, sheep, goats and pigs. Reduces concomitant symptoms such as pain, lameness, edema and inflammation from the above processes.

      The Homeopathic Factor promotes a gradual regression of the inflammation of the soft tissues, acting on the nail matrix (hoof) of the treated species. With the treatment, in approximately six months, the growth of the nail (hoof) and the renewal and growth of the hard parts resumes, gradually reducing the edema, tenderness (pain) and lameness, caused by pododermatitis.

      In this way, there will be a secondary increase in the production of meat, milk, reproduction and development, since pododermatitis and clinical manifestations cause immeasurable losses to animal production.

      One of the advantages of veterinary homeopathy is that it does not cause side effects and does not leave chemical residues in the animal, as it is a natural medicine.

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