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    • Veterinary homeopathy prevents ticks in hot and humid weather

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 02/01/2020

      Sem títuloCattle farming suffers from the arrival of the water season in this period of frequent rainfall and excessive heat because of the proliferation of ticks that becomes more favorable. Parasites develop more easily at this time, and each laying female can lay about 3000 eggs.

      But ticks can be controlled through veterinary homeopathy. The management is simple, just mix the C&MC Factor in the animal feed. After a few days of use, ticks begin to create yellow streaks, wither and fall.

      The great advantage of veterinary homeopathy is that the tick’s reproductive cycle is disrupted without violating the ecosystem and generating side effects in cattle. It acts naturally and the animal or derivatives are not contaminated.

      A single drug besides controlling ticks, it also helps in fighting horn flies, house flies, worms, eimeriosis, cysticercosis and is aids in controlling berns.

      Click here to learn more about veterinary homeopathy.

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