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    • Veterinary homeopathy controls joint pain in pets

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 27/06/2019

      In the cold, it is common for the joints to become more rigid and thus the animals have difficulty walking, or suffer in pain. With the lower temperatures the inflammatory joint process is accelerated.

      Arthritis, arthrosis, dysplasias, rheumatism, spondylitis, inflammation and spinal pain caused by disc herniation in dogs, cats, horses are some of the disorders aggravated at this time of year.

      To prevent or treat these problems, Arenales Homeopatianimal has specific Homeopathic Factors. They act on the inflammation naturally stimulating the body to create defenses against pain by controlling the problem.

      Diartro and Atlequi Factors can be used together to promote analgesic and anti-inflammatory action with effective effects on joint and muscular pain.

      Click here and have more information about the action of drugs that do not cause side effects.

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