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    • Learn how to dodge pets’ problems in the heat

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 30/01/2019

      With the heat you have done in the last few days, nothing better than a few steps to cool off right? The photo pet tasting an ice cream made from natural mango pulp is Galileo, from the Bernese Boiadeiro breed. His owner, Thais Mercante, from São Bernardo do Campo (SP), says that with the heat this summer, he has been giving the pet “pleasure” twice a day.

      She tells him to bang her pure mango mixed with water and then puts it in a dish in the freezer. Then just serve and let it cool. Normally, pets are very fond of this treat, as especially the furrier dogs like Galileo tend to suffer a lot because of the heat.

      In addition to this “mime”, Thais reports that Galileo receives a special boost to stay strong and healthy. “To avoid any kind of problem, we are using veterinary homeopathy as a preventive form of diseases in him that is two years old.”

      Homeopathic Factors are used for the treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal problems, worms, and dermatitis. “Everything is done on the recommendation of a veterinarian.”

      The resident of the ABC of São Paulo highlights that she has several positive examples with the use of veterinary homeopathy. “One of them, it was just when we brought Galileo home, he came from a kennel where they had many foci of protozoa and worms, and with the use of homeopathy, the tests were negative.”

      Another positive experience with the Homeopathic Factors was to treat a psychosomatic lick dermatitis presenting restlessness and stress. “We sometimes tried to control it with antibiotics (conventional drugs) in the hope that it would stop him from licking and developing the disease even more, but we did not have much success, he showed little improvement, but then it got worse again. Homeopathic factor and soon began to see difference. In two weeks he healed of the disease.

      Galileo’s digestive system has never been one of the strongest. “Sometimes someone in the family, as much as we recommend not to do it, ends up giving him something to eat that is not suitable for dogs, some of them can not resist the look on his face.” (Laughs) So he suffered from pictures of diarrhea or other complications.Then we also started a treatment with veterinary homeopathy to strengthen the digestive system. ”

      She says that even with the veterinarian’s “ear pulling” not to offer human food, the Bernese Mountain Dog did not suffer any more digestive complications by receiving these small, non-recommended portions.

      “With veterinary homeopathy, Galileo is a dog much more immune to diseases and complications. It is a very healthy pet and gives us many joys, since when he is well, I and the whole family are well.”

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