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    • With veterinary homeopathy rains can control mastitis

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 09/01/2020

      In Brazil the beginning of the year is being marked by large volumes of rain, surpassing 2019 marks in almost every state. And along with it comes the problem of a higher incidence of mastitis, as mud and humidified organic components end up proliferating the disease in the udder of animals.

      Therefore, dairy farmers, whether of cows, sheep or goats, in these rainy days have to maintain proper management so that the animals are not affected by mastitis. But if stricken with the disease, according to the veterinarian and national manager of Arenales Homeopatianimal’s commercial technical department, André Vinicius de Oliveira, can lead to losses of up to 80% in milk production.

      “The animal infected with mastitis has unsafe milk as it undergoes changes in protein and fat rates. However, in these cases, it is necessary to dispose of the milk produced, ”he says.

      According to the veterinarian, the animal should be separated so that it has not relied so much on the mud. As for treatment, it can be done in many ways, but what has been most beneficial and quick is through veterinary homeopathy. “Through homeopathy, the treatment is natural, so the animal begins to show improvement in the first days of ingestion of Homeopathic Factors. Udder disinfection is seen within a week in most cases, ”he says.

      Another advantage that the veterinarian believes is the main one with the use of Homeopathic Factors, is in relation to the grace period for the treated animal to be milked. “As it does not generate chemical waste, once the disease is treated, it is already possible to collect milk so that it can be sold,” he says.


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