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    • Celebrations in reference to Labor Day are made in the Arenales

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 03/05/2019

      This week that Labor Day is celebrated, the Association of Employees of Arenales carried out several actions to commemorate this important date.

      Among the actions was made in the annex of the company a commemorative feijoada to integrate the most different sector of the industry. The employees also received from Arenales, a treat with an incentive message.

      Arenales Homeopatianimal takes care of its employees through employee incentive management programs with motivational actions and communication channels so that professionals can express themselves on something that is dissatisfied or ideas that contribute to the company to grow and be an environment nice to work with.

      Even the company has received several awards that confirm Arenales, as a reference industry in the well-being of employees. Among these awards is the Sesi Quality Award at Work (PSQT), in which the company has already reached the first place in the entire state of São Paulo.

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