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    • Arenales receives Environmental Merit certification

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 06/06/2019

      Arenales Homeopatianimal holds a “Solid Waste Management” that in addition to following the standards of the National Policy of the PNRS, according to Law no. 12.305, of August 2, 2010, and its regulation, Decree No. 7.404 of December 23, 2010, establishes a culture created by the company of “Zero Waste”.

      Through environmental janitorial programs, the industry that has the essence of producing homeopathic medicines for animals that do not leave chemical residues both in the being treated, as well as nature, has the Reverse Policy Program.

      The packaging of Arenales medicines does not generate contamination, as with allopathic medicines, because the Homeopathic Factors of the company are made based on processes that add nanotechnology with the total absence of chemical residues. Therefore, all plastic jars, boxes and bags are recycled without the need for special attention.

      Consumers are guided at the time of purchase and can return packaging waste at Arenales’ distributors or resellers or use them as recycling cooperatives (selective collection). Because there is no risk of contamination, many reuse the packaging for other purposes, thus respecting the “4Rs” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink) principle.

      The company as a pioneer in Latin America in relation to the manufacture of homeopathic medicines for animals (Recorder in 3 categories in the Brazilian Book of Records, audited by Ranking Brazil), is the industry that has the lowest dosage of medication in relation to competing companies in the market and also covers the treatment of more pathologies or parasites with a single manufactured remedy. In this way, the packaging is smaller, both to the production animals, as well as the pets. Consequently fewer components are extracted from nature and automatically generate less waste so that they need to be recycled.

      Recycling and reuse in industry:

      In addition to the Reverse Policy implemented with distributors and resellers with customer awareness campaigns, Arenales, like any other company, needs resources to produce. From the packaging delivered by the suppliers to the paper used in the administrative sector has a correct destination. The detail is that all the raw material acquired by the company for the manufacture of medicines, is used, without inappropriate discards or even need to create by-products.

      Arenales Homeopatianimal reuses or recycles 100% of the packaging that comes from the raw material. For example, the main input for the manufacture of medications is sucrose, which comes in 50-kg bags. They are extremely resistant packs and good value added for marketing after use. They are donated to ACA (Association of Arenales Employees), who sell the bags and use the resources to hold social gatherings among other events for the well-being of professionals working in the company. Besides helping the environment, Arenales always thinks about the social issue.

      Waste such as: paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and other components, from vendor packaging, or materials for use in the company’s administrative sectors, are recycled.

      Arenales has an Eco Ponto, in its own building in the annex of the headquarters in Presidente Prudente (SP), where the materials receive a correct destination. Everything that can not be used for reuse is donated to Cooperlix (Cooperativa de Trabajadores de Productos Recicláveis ​​de Presidente Prudente).

      Eco Ponto da Arenales is also open to the people of the region who want to give a correct destination to recycled materials. When people miss the day of the selective collection, they can bring up the company’s attachment. The components are stored in Eco Point until Cooperlix collects them.

      Arenales also makes Organic Composting of the food remains of employees who use the company’s cafeteria. There are two drums for reception of waste in the cafeteria, one for organic and another for recycling. Organic ones are destined for Composting. In this way, they serve as natural fertilizer for the Organic Vegetable Garden that the company has, in the annex to the building where the Eco Point is located.

      With all these management measures, Arenales has zero waste. And not for just this touching. The company also encourages recycling through specific Campaigns and Programs.

      Recycling Incentive Program:

      About 30 tons throughout 2018, this was the amount of recycled materials collected at the Eco Point of the annex of the headquarters of Arenales Homeopatianimal in relation to the Recycling Incentive Program.

      First are capacitations in schools and other institutions. Arenales promotes an integration, company, school and cooperates (of Cooperlix) through a breakfast so that everyone knows and speaks on the subject.

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