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    • Arenales for the 4th time in a row is featured in water reuse

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 28/03/2019

      In a ceremony held at the headquarters of Fiesp / Ciesp in São Paulo, capital, Arenales Homeopatianimal was featured in the Water Conservation and Reuse Award. The company every year has expanded the actions that aim to preserve this resource so important for everyone.

      Arenales was congratulated by the initiative and was applauded by the public when it was mentioned that the company once again managed to produce mechanisms to reuse water through technological and innovative systems to manufacture the Homeopathic Factors.

      This is a constant commitment of the industry that has in essence sustainability. The owner and director general of the industry, Maria do Carmo Arenales was the one who participated in the ceremony celebrating the recognition by the good practices of environmental management.

      Action - Arenales has distilled the distillers in the matrix, where the drugs are manufactured, by more sophisticated equipment that requires less drinking water to make the distilled water.

      Another advantage of the new equipment is that previously water was used as reuse only for the company’s discharges (sewage system). Now the system allows the unused liquid for the purpose of distilling, returns to the water box and can be consumed normally.

      In this way the company uses less water supplied by the supply company and still promotes the reuse of the resource which would normally, without the applied system, go down the drain.

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