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    • Arenales makes awareness campaign in Red June

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 22/06/2020

      This month is dedicated to remembering the importance of donating blood. With this in mind, the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (Cipa), from Arenales Homeopatianimal, carried out an employee awareness campaign highlighting the relevance of the act of donating.

      Due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, employees received instruction in a staggered way in the meeting room at the industry headquarters, with the proper cleaning of the place for each class. A video was shown and also demonstrated by numbers, how low hospital inventories are during this period.

      Across the country, historically because of the cold, the number of donors has dropped dramatically. Another factor that has been worrying the managers of these places, is that since the pandemic began in March this year, several people were afraid to go to the blood banks to make the donation.

      The Arenales Commission emphasized these circumstances and should promote this month the effective donation of blood with employees who have been touched by the cause and are able to donate.

      For people who want to participate, just look for the nearest blood bank and be framed in the following requirements:

      • Be in good health;
      • Have eaten at least three hours before donation;
      • Be aged between 16 and 69 years old;
      • Weigh more than 50 kilos;
      • Sleep at least four hours before donation and be rested.

      Blood donation is one of the greatest acts of love. For each bag of blood donated, four people can be saved.

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