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    • Arenales Defines Recycling Project Schedule

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 13/02/2019

      Reunião Campanha de ReciclagemIn a meeting with the coordination of Sesi (Social Service of Industry), a unit of the Vila Real, in Presidente Prudente (SP), representatives of Arenales Homeopatianimal defined the schedule for actions for the 4th Season of the “Recycle Project” of the company in partnership with school.

      The main objective of the initiative is to promote the promotion of around 700 students about the recycling habit. Arenales first does a job of raising awareness with children and teenagers about why it is important to recycle. After the materials are taken to school, Arenales looks for what can be recycled and stored in the Eco Point of the company that is open to the population of the West Zone of Prudente.

      When a large volume of materials is already accumulated, Cooperlix (Cooperative of Collectors of Recyclable Materials of Presidente Prudente), makes the correct destination. The initiative, besides helping the environment, also contributes in the social aspect, since the cooperative increasing what is collected, automatically raise the profits.

      Last year the initiative managed to recycle the volume of approximately 30 tons of materials such as aluminum, cardboard, and plastic.

      This year the goal is to increase this number and promote the destination, as well as recycling cooking oil. According to Kelly Pacito, one of the coordinators of the Project, Cooperlix is ​​receiving this material that when thrown in the water, promotes great damage to the environment. “Our intention is that less cooking oil will go down the drain and generate so many complications, including promoting sewerage clogging.”

      At the end of the Project, children are rewarded with gifts and tours offered by Arenales Homeopatianimal. “Our intention is to make children and adolescents grow up that attitude and conscience to always recycle.”

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