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    • Arenales celebrates Women’s Day with activities

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 08/03/2019

      To say that woman can not do this or that, is a thing of the past. They can do anything they want, because this is the macho dictatorship. And to reinforce this, Arenales Homeopatianimal carried out activities this year with the aim of guiding women.

      This afternoon of Day 8, a chat was held with attorney Aline Scarelli, who spoke about women’s rights and how to appeal to justice if they are not guaranteed.

      After that chat with the display of some videos with the presence of all employees of the headquarters in Presidente Prudente (SP). An interactive afternoon coffee was made. In the sequence, the women received pampering offered by the company as a souvenir of this date.

      Arenlaes Homeopatianimal in its staff has a majority of women. Even who founded and manages the whole company, is a woman. Maria do Carmo Arenales broke paradigms and showed that women can create and manage their own businesses in an independent and egalitarian way for men.


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