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    • Use of Factor Endecto Aquaculture in Treating Parasite Infestation in tilapia in Brazil.

      Presented at the 3rd World Congress of Aquaculture and Fisheries in China.

      (1) Arenales, M. Carmo and (2) Bittencourt, S.J.O (*)

      (1) Medical Specialist in Veterinary Homeopathy by CFMV, Biologist and Agronomist – Brazil.

      (2) Medical Specialist in Veterinary Homeopathy by IBEHE – Brazilian Institute of Homeopathic Studies – Brazil.


      Evaluation of Factors Homeopathic was held on a farm raised fish tanks, from juvenile (10 g to 100 g) and fattening to reach commercial weight. During the field experiment on the farm suffered two infestations in different periods, which were causing heavy losses to the owner.
      The first outbreak was caused by Lernaea, also known as anchor worm. The affected fish began to show anemia, weight loss, bruising body (visibly perceived in the inflamed region) and some of them died, possibly because they have become vulnerable and susceptible to secondary diseases caused by bacteria and fungi.
      In the second outbreak after some time caused Trichodina, according to the diagnosis made by standard smears collected from the skin and gills. Some fish exhibited symptoms such as lethargy and rash. Rubbing the body where they could generate and skin lesions secondary infections caused by bacteria and fungi.


      In both cases, significant improvements were observed after initiation of treatment with Homeopathic factors, such as increased immunity, reduced infestation and mortality of fish, meat of better quality and increased carcass yield, improving operating results and the profits. The FACTOR ENDECTO AQUACULTURE in continuous use, was effective in the control of internal and external parasites, and for this reason was given twice a week as a preventive treatment on the farm, after the end of the experimental period.

      (*) Veterinary Homeopath Arenales