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    • Veterinary Homeopathy helps change reality in milk ownership

      Por: Imprensa | Em: 05/12/2018

      The desire of any dairy farmer is to have a healthy herd and produce it with quality. This reality arrived at the property of Ricardo André Bley, in Rolante (RS), after adopting new management techniques and adhered to the use of veterinary homeopathy.

      The producer who has 56 cows in production, says that two years ago had enough problems with mastitis and infections. “I tried chemical control several times, but it was going away for a short time and then the difficulties came back with greater intensity,” he recalls.

      When viewing impaired milk production and Somatic Cell Count (CCS), with high scores decided to change. “I started with the use of veterinary homeopathy to control the mastitis and hull problems.” That’s what started to solve my difficulties. ”

      Ricardo says that the region of Rio Grande do Sul where it has the property is very humid, and the cows suffered from it. Some of them had their udders all inflamed by lying in the mud and no milking, others could not walk to feed on infections in the hull. “I got to the point where I had CCS at two million, and at least half of the cows had hull problems.”

      As soon as he started using veterinary homeopathy, CCS was being reduced. “Currently the 800 liters I take daily, the index is around five hundred thousand. Hull problems, affect from one to two cows at the most.”

      In addition to treatment with Homeopathic Factors, the producer has changed management issues on the property. “We implemented a more rigorous system of uber hygiene before milking, and greater observation of the animals possibly with some difficulty and disease.”

      Currently, in addition to medications for the treatment and prevention of mastitis and hull infections, homeopathic factors are used to combat ticks and flies. “The goal is to have a chemical-free (organic) property with good management, and homeopathy has helped me a lot.”

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